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  • Thanks E, I really appreciate your help with this.

    • You have a CPT called ‘Promo Boxes’ – Yes
    • ‘Promo Boxes’ suports the ‘category’ taxonomy – Yes
    • Promo Boxes has some custom fields. What are they? Are they relevant to this issue? – I’m not sure if they’re relevant, but just in case: Content (Wysiwyg Editor), Image (image), Link (text), Alternative title (text), Latest News or Reports? (Radio button)
    • You are tyring to load the category ID. Where from. – I’m not exactly sure how to answer this question, but the user may choose a category for a Promo Box, I’d like this category to be loaded, if Latest News or Reports? == Yes
    • What URL are you looking at? – – specifically the first box in the right column (News). Happy to give you admin access if that helps
    • What template file is running – I’m using the Roots theme and it’s base.php template, alongside four other custom templates: section.php (in the root folder, necessary for Roots, primarily used to import the three subsequent templates); left-section.php (the left sidebar); content-section.php (the centre column), right-section.php (the right sidebar).

    Does that give you what you need?