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  • @mineisyours

    Ah, got it. Using the Repeater field or the Gallery field would be much easier to accomplish this.

    To accomplish what you want to accomplish, you would have to use the
    get_field_object() function.

    Let’s start off dumping everything and seeing what we are working with:

    <pre><?php $fields = get_field_objects(); var_dump( $fields ); ?>

    That will spit out the multi-dimentional array, in which you can just loop through it and get the data you need! You will need to do this within the WP loop, btw.

    Note: The return value for my image fields are set as image objects.

    <?php $fields = get_field_objects(); ?>
    		<?php if( $fields ): ?>
    			<?php foreach( $fields as $field ): ?>
    				<div><img src="<?php echo $field['value']["url"]; ?>" alt=""></div>
    			<?php endforeach; ?>
    		<?php endif; ?>