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  • That would be a huge work and we won’t never be sure to have listed them all. Plus, how would you decide if a name is forbidden or not ? And it would be a shame if we can’t create fields simply named “title”, “description”, or “picture” that are very common names, maybe used by other plugin, now or in the future ?

    IMO, the fact that All In One SEO is actually migrating their DB to prefixed field names proves that it’s the good way to do. After all, even WordPress itself prefix its tables names !

    Misunderstand me not : I think that ACF should interpret field names itself, in order to not surcharge the templates code uselessly. For example, my code would still be get_field('description') but it actually would check the acf_description field in the database, according to the “prefix option” set in the back-office. The transcription would be transparent for developers.