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  • OK,

    I’ve been giving this some thought and think I can work out the stages but need help with the code

    1) So you create a new post
    2) Upload an image to the custom field: Image
    3) Publish
    4) Ideally once published then a repeater field appears (is that easy to do?)
    5) The ACF repeater has:
    – Caption
    – URL
    – X coordinate
    – Y coordinate
    6) At the end of the repeater row you can click to open a pop up
    7) The pop up window contains this script but shows the image from the published post
    8) You click the image and to get an X and Y value
    9) These are then passed back to the repeater

    Am I over complicating this? Is there an easier solution?

    Any help is very much appreciated