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  • Ok elliot, I have to tell you this 🙂
    I’am a webdevelopper since a long time now..
    Used ALLOT of content management systems, lightweight to heavyweight.
    A long time ago I wanted to see what WordPress would do for me..
    I was very very very disappointed, TILL I came across your plugin..
    Dude, it rocks!!! But, a few days ago I needed something (your repeater addon)
    I was looking and looking how to solve this particular problem I had…
    You guessed right 😉 I found your addon, and I went crazy to see the possibilities with this and how much time it would save me in the future!!!
    For now I have 1 and I know for sure, 1 more request.
    It’s the conditional logic within the repeater addon!

    Dude, if you manage to build this feature, you’ve customized WordPress single handed to operate like a very very heavy CMS but handles like the most lightweight CMS out there!

    Thumbs up man, you made webdevelopment alot easier for me, and I know, lots more people 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!