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  • Thanks again for that clue @reardestani. I’ve spent some time today trying to copy from/reconcile code from radio.php into checkbox.php. It’s almost working but not quite. I think I have the code in the create_field() method working ok but it all seems to fall apart within the update_value() method.

    function update_value( $value, $post_id, $field )
    	... <snip> ...

    Produces (with the ‘other’ and another box checked)

    array(2) {
      string(8) "firstVAL"
      string(5) "other"

    Then, I loop through it

    foreach($value as $key => $v)
    	if ( !in_array($v, $field['choices']) )
    		echo "key: " . $key . "      /     v: " . $v . "\n\n";
    		array_push($field['choices'], $v);

    and that of course produces:

    key: 0      /     v: firstVAL
    key: 1      /     v: other

    Not the value of the textinput but the value of the checkbox.

    Can someone set me straight here? How can I find the value of that text input I’ve created within the create_field() function?

    This is with the Save ‘other’ values to the field’s choices set to on FWIW. In the end, I won’t actually want that (awesome) functionality – there will be many different editors of this ‘form’ and they don’t all need to see the values saved by others. I tried turning it off but when I reloaded my my edit (custom) post, the value wasn’t saved. For now anyway, I’m going down this path.

    Once I sort it out, I’ll clean up my mayhem and submit it as a pull request in case it’s useful to anyone else.