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  • Just an FYI, @elliot, in case you decide to throw the hook in sometime soon, the perfect place for it would be in the html() function in acf-options-page.php on line 480 (by my IDE). It would be just above the form#post opening tag.

    That would make it possible to drop in the following snippet;

    	<h2 class="nav-tab-wrapper">
    		<a href="#" class="nav-tab">Display Options</a>
    		<a href="#" class="nav-tab">Social Options</a>

    I reckon that would be almost perfect for what I’m on about, although it would still only be dropping the tabs underneath the heading (but that is heaps closer to what I’m after, anyhow).

    I would also be awesome if we could create more than one top level ACF options page, as there would be no need to manually create one, as I already have, resulting in a mostly empty page with a few buttons on it… unless I missed something and we can already do so. It wouldn’t surprise me 😀