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  • Thanks for the reply and sorry about that, a bit hard to explain. Will try again.

    Each post will have several sections, and one of the sections will consist of 10 links each linking to a chart/image. While the images/charts will be different for each post, the titles for the links will be the same in every post.

    So I would have a section like this:

    • Title for Link 1 to Image 1
    • Title for Link 2 to Image 2
    • Title for Link 3 to Image 3
    • Title for Link 4 to Image 4
    • etc…

    While the titles to the links opening the images in a lightbox will be the same in each post, the images will be different.

    So Ideally I would have some sort of solution to where I could just upload all images at once. Then each image would be matched with the corresponding title (pre-defined title 1 to image 1, pre-defined title 2 to image 2, etc.), and I’d use a function to display the image links through the template used for my custom post type.

    I hope that makes sense, if not I’ll try to put together an example tomorrow morning.

    Thanks a lot for your help 🙂