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  • Hi,

    ok I wan’t to descripe the problem.

    My Mainsetings for this field are the following. I Think you don’t need more setting information ore did you need some spezial infos?

    Feld-Typ: Artikel-Bezeihung
    Artikel-Beziehung: News Kategorien
    Feld-Typ: Auswahlmenü
    Nichts (NULL) erlauben? Nein
    Lade & Speichere Einträge im Artikel: Not marked
    Rückgabewert: Datei

    When I’m looking in the Frontend I won’t get displayed the Newsarticles of the category “News Kategorien”. There will be linked the hello world post and a attchment. But the hello world post is not in the “News Kategorien”. And I have delete them, it is only in the trash folder.

    When I put the debug code inside I get this response.

    stdClass Object
        [term_id] => 7
        [name] => Category Name
        [slug] => category-name
        [term_group] => 0
        [term_taxonomy_id] => 8
        [taxonomy] => newskategoeie
        [description] => 
        [parent] => 0
        [count] => 1

    There was at [name] an [slug] the right Name inside. But I won’t displays them here.