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  • Ok so here’s the deal from the top. I have a large amount of static pages 11,000+ on each one there is a function that is supposed to save a few random reference numbers in ACF fields which will be used to pull data from the database.

    There’s a bunch more to it but it’s not particularly relevant because even the basic stuff is not working properly.

    For the purpose of fixing this problem let’s say I have 2 function on the page only, which is basically the case at this point.

    update_field('reference_number', 92);
    $number = get_field('reference_number');
    echo $number;

    when I initially load one of the pages it will display correctly 92. If I immediately refresh the page the 92 goes away as if the field no longer exists, and I can never get it back. Also if I change the update_field() to enter a different number it will never change the number after that initial page load including if I check the actual entry in the postmeta table in the database.

    Additionally everything is there and looks correct when I check the postmeta table in the database.