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  • Are you looking at input.js or input.min.js? The latter is the one indicated in debugger, though I realize it’s simply the minified version of the file you indicate. You’re right, though, so not sure what’s up. I’ll append a bit more of the minified code below. Btw, my ACF interface definitely says “Advanced Custom Fields 4.2.2”!


    Jim P.

    this.frame.dispose();this.frame=null},type:function(){var e="thickbox";typeof wp=="object"&&(e="backbone");return e},init:function(){var;t.orig_render=t.render;t.orig_dispose=t.dispose;t.className="compat-item acf_postbox no_box";t.render=function(){var t=this;if(t.ignore_render)return this;this.orig_render();