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  • Well, at this point in the code, I don’t think an echo will work. I actually have the Simple Fire PHP plugin installed for debugging PHP in the console for just this and no, it doesn’t seem to be firing. That said, I tested the other update_value call I’m using in another section of the site and the FirePhP code didn’t work there either, but that filter works. So that wasn’t helpful.

    Further, I did try putting it in functions.php to no avail. The way Genesis works is that it actually allows you do have custom filters/actions on a per page/template basis, outside of functions since the page isn’t called/rendered until the genesis() call is made at the end of the file.

    The only difference between how I’m calling this filter that isn’t working at the the one that is working is that the one that is working is all on one page. This one that isn’t, the filter is on page.php, however, the acf_form call is actually on form-user-edit.php (which is called from page.php in bbpress). However, since I’m using Genesis, I’m not sure how to get everything together (if that is the issue). That said, if that is the issue, putting the filter in functions.php should resolve that, however, it doesn’t.

    And therefore, I’m still stumped…