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  • Ok this problem is resolved. I took a new approach with a fresh mind.

    I searched the database for ALL meta_key’s with a value LIKE ‘resume’ (the name of the ACF field in question). I figured it was worth doing instead of using the ‘=’ operand.

    I found 2 references. One as ‘Resume’ and one as ‘resume’. The ‘resume’ key was from ACF and the ‘Resume’ key was an old key from a year ago before I switched over to ACF. It had a value of null. The ‘resume’ field had an ID value.

    Interestingly enough as soon as I deleted the ‘Resume’ record ACF started to work just fine.

    I know its an oddball situation but there was obviously some conflict with ACF getting the field from the DB with the same name but different case settings. Worth you looking into still.