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  • Hey Elliot,

    Thanks for the reply. As far as all your questions are concerned. I have run quite a few tests already of which using the ID, Object and URL were part of that.

    In the admin side of things I can select the image through the ACF field from both the media library or upload a new one. If I upload a new one it get uploaded to the custom directory I assigned in my plugin file just fine. It even shows in the media library as well. And I can use the basic WP Media Insert button to insert the file into the post content. This works and displays on the admin and client sides.

    What is interesting is that when I select the file with ACF (using the ‘select’ button in the media library) the file seems to be assigned to the post / page. However if I leave the page and come back to it the ACF field is blank again.

    On the client / user side the file never seems to appear. It has a null value.

    As far as debuging: “Have you debugged the result of get_field()?” I have tried several of my own methods – including checking the DB fields with phpMyAdmin and in all cases it seems to be a null value for ACF. If you have a specific test you could suggest I would be more than happy to test it. I am quite adept at PHP and WordPress.