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  • Elliot,
    Thanks for helping. Here’s a more specific example. If my custom fields are “Product”,”Size”, “Color” and on a given Product page I render:

    Product: Mens’ T-Shirt
    Size: XL
    Color: Blue

    I can do that part no problem. What I’d like to have is a “Master” page that would render a list of all the custom fields from a group of pages like this:

    Product Size Color
    Men’s T-Shirt XL Blue
    Men’s T-Shirt L Blue
    Men’s T-Shirt M Blue
    Men’s T-Shirt XL Red
    Men’s T-Shirt L Red
    Woman’s T-Shirt XL Green
    Woman’s T-Shirt L Green

    I’d then make the list links to their respective pages. All I’ve been able to find so far are repeating (or looping) custom fields on a single page, not grabbing data from other pages to create an aggregate list.