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  • Hi @Michael1981

    Thanks for the screenshot. Yes, there is definitely a corrupted layout within the flexible content field.

    Your first screen shows the layout ‘images’ is within a flexible content within a repeater field within another flexible content field.

    Your second screen shows a corrupt layout in the most parent flexible content. This is a different location to where it was created. If you open up the repeater -> flexible content where it was first added, does it exist there?

    It is possible that ACF simply can’t handle this level of depth as all the origional flexible content data is saved as 1 serialized array.

    In the future (v5), each field is saved separately and should allow you to have such a complicated field group.

    It is also possible that your server or WP is not allowing so much data to be saved into the DB in one go. Perhaps the save process is terminating early? Can you try this field group on a local instal to remove the server variables?