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  • Hm, I just tought I could try something different but I endet up with another problem …

    What I tried:

    I added 3 custom fields, 1st let’s the user select where the featured post should link to > I used radio buttons “page” and “post” to select.

    The 2nd custum field let’s the user choose a page to link to using the existing selct box in ACF. This field only shows up when the 1st is set to “page”

    The 3rd shows up when “post” is selected and uses the existing select box from ACF for posts.

    First I tried to simply point each of them to the same name “link”, I thought that should work but it did not 🙁 Now I’m stuck trying to handle two names (link1 and link2) but have no idea how I can do this with the above code…