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  • Hi @elliot,

    Thanks for looking into this for us, we’ve upgraded our server this weekend, and the server load is consistently low now with lots of capacity and performance to hand. It’s a dedicated server (with no other accounts on), running quad core with 4GB RAM, so it should be pretty quick :S

    I’ve rechecked the plugin in the backend, and it’s still grinding when editing that sample page. Although all the other pages are still quick and working fine, the browser actually crashes Chrome for 5 seconds or so, whilst the ACF fields are loaded in with my end – which points to the JS my end.

    I would be grateful if you could recheck the loading times to confirm it’s still PHP, and pin point me the correct way to check the performance so I can remove this bottleneck and utilise your plugin in a speedy manner going forwards.

    Love the plugin, it’s really awesome stuff – just can’t deal with this lag as I’m sure you can understand 🙂

    Thanks @elliot

    Kind Regards,