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  • Hi Elliot,

    Thanks so much for looking into it! For the second issue, it would be great if I could choose a text domain by defining a constant for two reasons.

    The main reason would be to make it blend into the theme more. We’re making premium themes and having two textdomains: “theme-frontend” and “theme-backend” is super obvious while “acf” would be a bit of a mystery without documentation. We can of course provide the documentation so it’s not a huge issue.

    A smaller issue: after adding 20 or so fields we have 420-ish translatable strings, I am guessing that about 50 of these are our fields. If we want to provide translations for our fields we’d need to wade through the 420 instead of just going down a list of 50 or so. This is a minor considerations since we can do this on the PHP side, but it could be of some help.

    Again, this second issue is just me being more of a control freak than needed, the translatable PHP strings would solve all our actually important issues 🙂

    Thanks again!