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  • interesting…i just updated the TEST env to 4.3.4, LIVE, where the problem is, still has 4.3.2. maybe i’ll just ignore it until the updates roll out. thanks for the comment, realph.


    anyway, some users may find it interesting that i found that even in ACF LITE mode that one can raise the dashboard, the field groups list, by accessing


    that isn’t my entire problem, i guess, since there are no fields listed in the field group.

    here is a dump of the meta_keys and values for the post that i can replicate the duplicate key issue on:

    meta_key	          meta_value
    auction_min_bid	          5000
    auction_start_datetime    1389052800
    is_auction	          0
    _auction_close_datetime	  field_52bca098b5d6a
    _auction_estimated_value  field_52ccb21266722
    _auction_min_bid	  field_52bca121b5d6b
    _auction_start_datetime	  field_52bca011b5d69
    _is_auction	          field_52bc856a5d6b9

    it seemed to have been only the auction fields that duplicated…also i’m reattaching the acf.php as a zip.