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  • Hi @elliot and @willthemoor,

    Thanks for the help so far, I had 14 post revisions with 2 posts on the dev site. I backed up the database, deleted those 14 revisions but alas still the same performance issue I’m afraid.

    I’m running the latest stable version of ACF 4.3.4 and the plugins for it.

    No console JS errors showing, PHP is pretty rapid on the second only a second or 2 max, I think having multiple tinymce’s on the page might be killing it JS wise, only with condition logic – as it visually takes a few seconds to hide the condition logic hidden fields.

    I’m trying to use ACF to be a page / content builder, so using flexible content and repeater it adds rows, and columns, then the content type I require e.g. form, textarea, wyswig. It works really well on the frontend, and backend apart from the lag.

    Any further ideas to debug, I can provide login access if you wish to check it out yourselves (it’s not a live site, just a theme dev). Let me know how I can send these privately if so.

    Many thanks for your help with this.