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  • Hi, @Elliot! Thanks very much for the fast reply, I really appreciate it!
    *Both fields are displaying on every back end Dashboard page and post page, just not [main blog page] on the front end, live site.

    Screenshots and code for everything, I hope this helps:

    1) Markup of the fields, for all Default Template pages (page.php), single post pages (single.php), and main blog page (index.php):
    1 Markup

    1B) Each of the fields have been coded like this:

    <div class="column-all-left">
       <div class="sidebar-categories"><?php get_sidebar(); ?></div>
       <div class="sidebar-content-left"><?php the_field('sidebar-content-left'); ?></div>
    <div class="sidebar-content-right"><?php the_field('sidebar-content-right'); ?></div>
    <div class="content-default-center">

    CSS markup includes:

    div.column-all-left {background: burlywood; float: left; margin-right: 2%; width: 14%; padding: 0 2%; font-size: 80%; word-break: break-word; display: block;}
    .sidebar-content-right {background: burlywood; margin-left: 2%; float: right; width: 14%; padding: 0 2%; font-size: 80%;}
    .sidebar-content-left {background: yellowgreen;}
    div.content-default-center {background: burlywood; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; min-width: 56%; padding: 0 2%; overflow: hidden;}

    2) Setup of the custom fields, themselves (*I’ve tested the pages all using the same field names, plus using different field names just for the blog – still, same results):
    2 Fields Setup

    3) Fields displaying properly in back end Dashboard, for all pages and post pages, including blog page (blog page, displayed here):
    3 Back End Fields Visual

    4) All the pages, visually, in action! **Commentary added to the image…I hope I didn’t overcomplicate …I’m sure I have OCD 😀
    4 All Live Pages

    I’m really hoping, this is just a matter of me messing up in the CSS markup or something :s

    Thank you so much!!