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  • Hey, well I appreciate it even more that your volunteering your time to help me with this. Sorry I was supper tired when I wrote the reply and should have explained it more clearly. The problem is, there is also a dashboard component in WordPress (wp-admin) and I should have been more specific that I meant a front end project dashboard which I am building. This is just a generic example, and the reason why i didn’t do something custom, its more for my customer and needs to be more user friendly: (again this is just for clarification, I’m not making something that complicated). Sorry I should have made that more clear.

    I guess another way of explaining my question, is i’m just trying to find the best practice for all of this additional content that is specific to a single user (customer). How is the best way to not only enter that data, but to also display it. Happy if it is as simple as this content for this customer. However is it possible to ensure that the content is only visible to the specified customer (while if another user goes on to that same page, they only see content specific to them). Obviously as an admin, I will probably make it so that the content is visible also, specifying both the user ID and the admin user type.

    Currently I’m using formidable forms for a lot of the data management, its great for plain text content. This is not the best example, but say when creating invoices using formidable, I create a view that displays the user ID that is accessing this page’s billing address (once again if its a different user it displays a different set of data), this also renders the invoice data such as the total amount of hours billed (in this case I have to manually specify the user ID, but in the case of their billing address, as the user has written it I don’t).

    If that makes it easier to understand, I’m trying to do the same with ACF as it has more options for more complicated content. I think the post approach is great for projects. My question was more, say if I wanted to display only a portion of that content, on the front page, how would I go about doing it. Obviously the challenge which Im sure can be done, I’m just struggling to find the correct terminology so I can google and learn more. I had a feeling it might be as simple as creating a user based rule (though I was unable to confirm this). But once again, I’m struggling to find where to start, just some terms and help pages would be more than enough to Its no different than say a social media site, where all the content is dynamic and linked to the each user as another way to explain it.

    Really appreciate your help on this, and I agree that given the amount of information will be contained on this portal, it would be smart to plan how to use server resources effectively, so thank you for explaining the best approach there. And I entirely agree, all of the plugin I originally tried had way to many features I didn’t need, and not enough of the ones I did. First time ever going to this much effort to do things the right way, it been a great experience, and Formidable does do most of what I want it to do out of the box. Though I can tell acf will be the missing link to some of these more complex features.

    Thanks again for your time 🙂