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  • Hi, @liesju
    a) The translation with a LOT of rep fields and other works pretty well but it s important to do things in a certain order. elliot mentioned that the new version will be more compatible with wpml, but I can tell in our setups with very complex ACF setup it works as it is in all our “cases”.

    b) In my mind, for reading and writing this on a hollyday trip during chrismas, the


    must be “traslateable”, in the wpml settings, or I think you can activate them in the meta box on ANY ACF edit page the FIRST TIME, before saving any changes.

    c) I think the “rule” is the “show on” example type = posts and / or user = admin , and so on.

    If this is not set to be translateable, the fields never show on the “other” languages = will not be accessable or might not be recorded if you dublicate the fields to that language

    d) It easy to forget that the ACF fields must be dublicated. Just go to the edit ACF field ON THE DEFAULT ADMIN LANGUAGE (selected), choose “dublicate” (AFTER the rule, position, etc etc is radio-checked translateable). Click on the “language” ( the pen) and let the page reload to the actual language and re-save the edit screen.

    d2) do not dublicate a “translated” created ACF setup

    e) Leave the rest of “_your_field_names” as they are, do not “translate them”. (they are a lot of them if y using repeater fields)

    As long as you se the meta-boxes on the “new” languages when edit a page or post or custom post type, you are ok. But the DATA of the field must be “dublicated” AFTER this setup is ok.

    You can not “move” ACF data from the original fields ( all of them ) ONCE you cretaed the tranlated post… Make shure the setup is fine BEFORE you start to translate (including rules that ACF is ok to use AND visible, on the translated pages as well = 99,99% we want)

    Its a little tricky, but it works for us! Actually, the logic make sence, (for a tech point of view). But We cant speak for every setup.

    Hope it can help, and as I mentioned earlier in this thread, some “routines” – the order of setup – will be published with a turtrorial on our domains (my developers team deep circle….) later this year. But for now, we are in the ** of delivering projects…

    / Big user of ACF struggling with Multi-languages and WordPress