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  • Hi, E.
    Let’s narrow down the focus since i posted code for add/edit in paralllel. First in theme’s functions, then in the pages, last in the templates.

    Now let’s focus on edit(uses $options while create uses $args).Specifically, the code used(included in a messy way in my first post) is:

    $options = array(
        'post_id' => 213, // post id to get field groups from and save data to
        'field_groups' => array('Συνδιασμοί αναρτήσεων','Τύπος αναρτήσεων' ), // this will find the field groups for this post (post ID's of the acf post objects)
        'form' => true, // set this to false to prevent the <form> tag from being created
        'form_attributes' => array( // attributes will be added to the form element
            'id' => 'post',
            'class' => '',
            'action' => '',
            'method' => 'post',
        'return' => add_query_arg( 'updated', 'true', get_permalink() ), // return url
        'html_before_fields' => '', // html inside form before fields
        'html_after_fields' => '', // html inside form after fields
        'submit_value' => 'Update', // value for submit field
        'updated_message' => 'Post updated.', // default updated message. Can be false to show no message

    Recall, nothing is displayed (i also did steps to add somefunction to theme functions)