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  • I’d like to second this; I’ve been needing it lately as well.
    I coded a manual hidden field type that stores the latest date each time the user saves the page for a client; I’m putting it on GitHub as we speak.

    It can be easily adapted to function just as a hidden field; look into the function update_value() on line 210 to accomplish this. Removing line 212 should do the trick 🙂

    Note that it might not be the most pretty solution (it’s the first field type I coded), but it works.

    I’ll take a look if I can tidy it up a bit; and built it into a plugin so that it’s easier to use. Hope you find it useful 🙂

    //edit: you can find the field type here:

    //edit 2: if you look into the function create_field() on line 84, you can also change the output of the HTML. Currently, the hidden field is simply set as display: none, but you could easily remove this and disable the field as well.