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  • hi,E you seem ver helpfull and the plugin is good . congrats.
    Now here is the problem I face.The code is as is found on the links.only minor modifications are performed
    First link/piece of code:create post form is the title of the tut. How do I need to modify it to actually visualize all fields in a contact form based on rules.

    Link 2: same problem;only the submit button appears.(the code is meant to edit a post and ‘get fields from post’.How’s that; i modified post ; I did not added a custom post type.So will a contributor and admin and guest be detected and the correct fields be presented?

    Link3: I hope it is better integration to use your tutorials found on links.But if not or if you can allocate resources to help me please answer how will the presented fields be selected, or if that would be(maybe it is) too much just inform me of a quick-fix to get values to the custom fields and i will re-produce a select control myself