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  • It’s driving me crazy but I totaly don’t understand how I can get value from custom filed that is custom taxonomy term (select). I read “How to get values from a taxonomy term” 10 times. I search all the forum with words taxonomy custom field. I don’t understand where I can get value of $TermID?
    <p><?php the_field(‘field_name’, ‘category_7’); ?></p>
    – so tell me please where are you get that “7” ?
    I have custom taxonomy called ‘my_taxonomy’ (I use Custom Post Types UI plugin) and I have custom field (my_field – select from taxonomy values list) in custom post (type my_post_type). So I want to post its value in frontend?
    Will be appreciate if you colud give the examples or the link to docs or at least turn me to the right way.
    1) Get the taxonomy (one value – select or radiobutton) field value?
    2) Get the taxonomy (few values – checkboxes) field array of values?
    3) Get the repeater nested taxonomy field value?
    Thanks in advance

    P.S. Sory for my bad english. May be that SQL clear what I want –

    SELECT name
    FROM  wp_terms 
    WHERE term_id
    IN (
    SELECT term_id
    FROM  wp_term_taxonomy
    WHERE taxonomy =  'where_from'
    AND term_taxonomy_id
    IN (
    SELECT term_taxonomy_id
    FROM  wp_term_relationships
    WHERE object_id =418 //post_id

    but instead of ” taxonomy = ‘where_from’ ” – value from unknown table that has relationship field_name — taxonomy_name