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  • Hello,

    I dont want to take your time, and please can you give me précisions :

    SELECT * FROM wp_postmeta WHERE meta_key LIKE ‘chapo’ ORDER BY post_id ASC

    In the post_meta table, :
    > i found in the “meta_key” column = chapo (without underscore) = “_{$field_name}” (?)

    > In the “meta_value” = content of field (an introduction text)

    SO “The meta_value will be the field_key” > No

    My question : What is the key_field :

    I can not find a common key between the contents with “chapo” as “meta_key”, they all have the same name … I can not therefore differentiate the contents by a specific “id” field.

    Could you have an idea ?

    Many thanks,