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  • If there’s one thing I do know, it’s that the last thing you owe me is an apology. Thanks for following up.

    Unfortunately, increasing the priority made no difference.

    Ignoring the apparent changes to the Tribe events plugin for a moment, your last comment on the meta query got me thinking about this WP Sweep plugin I installed and used not too long ago —

    I can’t be certain with respect to the timing, as it never occurred to me to check whether or not an issue in this area manifested, but it feels like it may have been close.

    Is it possible that in “sweeping” the database, I inadvertently purged some metadata that had once been holding the query together? At this point, I have to assume we’re too far removed (and too uncertain on the timing) to make restoring the database a viable option. But, with respect to ACF Pro and your intimate understanding of its inner-workings, is there anything I might be able to do to repair the damage done (or re-establish the data that may have been lost)?

    For what it’s worth, I just finished performing WordPress’ native database repair function on my dev environment, but it didn’t find any issues.

    That aside, a couple of options that I’m considering and wondering whether or not you think it’s time to give them a shot (happy to continue down our current path if that’s your preference/suggestion):

    1. Is there anything specific you’d recommend I ask the Tribe support team? They certainly won’t put forth any meaningful effort toward resolving the overall issue, but hopefully they can provide more specific answers on relevant functionality that I can’t. Is there anything in particular that might be especially illuminating with respect to troubleshooting this?
    2. Should I look into another means of separating speakers and organizers on the front-end of the single event pages, via different ACF field-type?

      For example, maybe something that would allow me to set all “Speakers | Organizers” via the native Tribe meta field selection, then use an ACF field to effectively mark or define which “Speaker | Organizer” should be listed under the “Speaker” header in the front-end meta section. Not sure how feasible this would be before digging in to the myriad of ACF field options.

    3. Should we consider the standalone query option I mentioned previously? That reference pasted below:

      If any easier, would it be possible to help me write a standalone query, for placement within the Tribe single-organizer.php template (pasted below), instead? Like the native tribe_organizer_upcoming_events function, the idea——in theory——would be for it to find any Tribe single event post where the organizer ID was added to the event meta, and return each given event ID.

      In other words, it would look for any Tribe event where the given organizer ID is selected via the ACF Pro field “the_organizers”.