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  • Thanks for the reply @hube2! I’ll definitely submit my ideas as you suggest.

    WRT conditional fields, I agree that would be an issue but I put forward that conditional logic management is also something that needs to be rethought.

    Take a huge flexible content layout setup like mine. Opening up the field selector box presents you with a list of dozens of fields, without any indication as to which layout they sit under.

    Conditional field example with too many layouts

    Even if you’re just looking to reference a field in the current layout, you have to scroll past dozens of other ones to find the one you want.

    My solution to this would be to have two dropdowns – the first to select the layout you want to look in, then the second to select the field/s you want from that layout (something like the current relationship field UI could work too). This would solve the complexity issues, and should be compatible with an implementation of flexible layouts like what I’ve suggested above!