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  • @chrisdavies71 It appears that you have the same repeater field on multiple terms and they have the same values. What you need to do is check to see if you’ve already shown that value from a previous term and skip it. To do this you need to store the values as you show them and then check new values against the list.

    This is a simple example:

    // create a variable to hold values shown
    $already_shown = array();
    while (have_rows('pay_deal_dates', 'term_'.$paydeals->term_id )) {
      $payrate = get_sub_field('rate');
      if (in_array($payrate, $already_shown)) {
        // skip this one
      // code to display row here

    I can’t read you’re code the way is is formatted. You should also start a new topic and explain in more detail what you’re specific problem in, maybe someone will help you.