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  • so guys i come to you with some research !

    I have tried two things, firstly to grab my categories with something like

    $args = array('parent' => 779);$categories = get_categories( $args ); 
    						foreach($categories as $category) { 
    						    echo ''.$category->cat_name.'';

    This give me the categories for the current post, and i try to insert it as a row inside my repeater with this inside of my functions.php

    $toto = 'images';
    $row = array(
      'image' => 'ahoy'
    add_row('images', $row);

    But it seem to not working, in fact i don’t understand why the add_row is not working at all, i tried a lot of different configuraiton (even the field solution one) but not any ideas about this

    This is wherei am so far ! I keep you in touch if i progress !