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  • Hi, thanks for answering.

    Now I know that they belongs to ACF, and I will record each step for diffrent setups wich fields that must be set as translateable to work correctly

    – The custom content itself
    – The setup itself (Views)
    – The titles and names, current labels itselfs

    The most important / or neccesssery and leave the rest alone to keep the string tables lighter in WPML

    allorany – this is a location rule setting which I believe was removed in v4.2 or something similar. The all or any value was removed in favor of grouped location rules. What version of ACF are you using?

    Im using latest versions and in a 1 week old clean install. But I also have Location addon installed, maybe a leftover is popping in.

    Next year I will publish som articles about this kind of setups, I might return with a reference link for other people to use.

    / Merry Chrismas and thanks for the great ACF plugin to our world!