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  • Thanks Elliot, I’ll try to explain.
    I have a custom field type of “page_link”
    It creates a drop down of pages and posts to which I can link to.
    I would like to add another post type to this drop down.
    The ideal ‘post_type’ that I would like to add is “link” from the link manager (this used to be built in to wordpress but they took it out of core and now it’s available as a plugin –
    What I would like to essentially happen is that when the user wants to add a link he will also have the option to add one of the links created via the “link manager” – these links will also show up in the “page_link” drop down just as pages, posts etc.. show up.
    This is the print screen of the “page_link” drop down currently showing only pages, I would like it to show also all the links created with the link manager:

    Thanks in advance,