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  • I did some digging and testing. I attempted to add “Selection is equal to” to the conditional logic on the post object field and I understand why it was left off.

    When selecting is equal to ACF inserts a select field that has the choices set for check box, radio, select fields, etc.

    When selecting > of < ACF inserts a number field.

    As it stands, to use == there would need to be a whole lot of additional AJAX done in order to figure out what the “choices” could be.

    I don’t know if this helps to explain it to others.

    Since ACF does not know what the choices can be it cannot insert the select field. Adding < and > for a post object field was possible without a complete rewrite of the code involved. Adding = would require a complete rewrite of all the code involved for it with different things happening based on the the type of field the condition is set for. The only options added were those where the options that already existed would simply work without modification.

    While using 2 items > and < to get a specific number is not pretty, it does work. More than likely when Elliot works out all of the issues with gooberbug we might see something better.