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  • The size of the image may slow it down.

    You also have 4 date and/or time fields, times 60 rows, that’s 240 date/time fields that need to be initialized and these types of field do not offer the delayed initialization option. This is likely a contributing factor.

    Repeaters (and flex fields) are great, to a certain point. The pitfalls of using them for large amounts of data is something that has to be experienced. So that you know, I’m not knocking the way that you built this feature, I have been here. I once created a page editor for a client using a repeater for “sections” and each “section” could have up to 10 wysiwyg fields plus other associated fields. Everything was fine until the day they tried to create a page with 25 sections (250 WYSIWYG editors + other fields). Even delayed initialization did not help me as saving the page also timed out. I ended up rebuilding the CPT using “child” posts for each section.

    I don’t really have any good advice that will help.