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  • Can you give me a link to this other question I answered?

    At this point I can only say what I would do.

    When adding the taxonomy field in ACF there are settings for saving and loading terms, I would turn both of these on.

    function my_acf_save_post_function($post_id) {
      // get the value of the first taxonomy field
      // I am getting it unformulated
      // which means that it's returning an array of term IDs
      // you might do this differently depending on what you want to do
      get_field('other_tax_field', $post_id, false);
      // check this field for whatever condition you are looking for
      if ($condition) {
        // get the value of the field you want to change
        $other_field = get_field('the other field', $post_id, false);
        // append a term ID value to the value
        // if it does not already exist
        if (!in_array($new_term_id, $other_field)) {
          $other_field[] = $new_term_id;
        // update acf field
        // acf will take care or updating terms because of the settings
        update_field('the other field', $other_field, $post_id);