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  • @waterlemon Thank you for sharing your thoughts and final solution!
    I have exactly the same issue (I want to display an unique SEO description below my product feed on every woocommerce category site) but unfortunately your solution did not succeed so far.

    Could you – or @ma4ine – please specify a little more what you did:
    The changes were made in the taxonomy-product_cat.php or in archive-product.php?

    I tried both (incl. replacing the field name, of course) but nothing happend…
    First, I copied the original files and uploaded the changed files then to yourtheme/woocommerce/… to overwrite the original files (/plugins/woocommerce/templates/…). Maybe that is not the right way to do it?

    Would be very thankful to get more information on that. Unfortunately I have very few experience on programming etc. and trying to get that done for many hours now, puh… 😉
    Would be awesome, thanx!!