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  • @elliot I appreciate your response. I had a feeling it was a way of deploying hotfixes quickly, vs trying to hide the bugs – but thank you for clarifying. I was a little more frustrated in the moment yesterday, so apologies for the bluntness.

    I would definitely recommend against having unmarked versions of versions though. Being able to trust that 1 version number = 1 copy of code is super important for many reasons 🙂

    If I may offer a suggestion? I know it sucks to have a bunch of new versions in one day (like if you need to release each fix out ASAP). You could try a 4th version number for “hotfixes” — ACF,, etc. Once you’ve got them all, you can consider the latest hotfix as the only relevant version within the “5.7.11.X” series — so if you finish with 4 hotfixes, then in your download archive you’d have:

    Download 5.7.10
    Download 5.7.12

    In this way, you’d also be able to save 5.7.12 for an actual new release, rather then “5.7.12 – just bug fixes for 5.7.11” 🙂

    A more involved idea:

    I see you have free version of ACF on Github — I assume you have ACF PRO on Github as well, just set as private? It would be very interesting if you considered giving PRO members read access to the PRO repo. FontAwesome Pro works in this way which is where I got this idea. You could even market that as a new benefit of buying PRO. The reason I bring this up though, is that you could direct users to a specific branch for testing if you don’t want to release it publicly yet.

    Hope this is helpful in some way!