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  • I’ve been using ACF for many years on dozens of sites, and have never encountered this problem until now. I am running the latest version of ACF (5.7.11) with the latest version of WordPress (5.0.3). This is only affecting one particular site, that I’m aware of.

    The site has been having a few other issues recently, as it’s on a server that’s still running Ubuntu 14.04, and I just had to manually update PHP to 7.2 from 5.5 for some unrelated reasons. I think it’s possible I missed something in the update that is causing this issue, but it’s curious that it’s exactly what’s described here — if a post is in draft mode, the custom fields don’t show on preview, even though they do save on the back end, and if you schedule or publish the same post, they do appear on the front end. Then if you switch it back to draft, they go away again.

    I should note that I did set up a brand new VPS today running Ubuntu 18.04 with all available updates, migrated the site over to that server, and the problem persisted. (So it’s probably not directly about the PHP 7.2 patch I did on the old server — but perhaps related to some database cruft that came along for the ride.)