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  • This is a little elaborate, but I’ve setup my own WP website as a composer repository using SatisPress:

    All my premium plugins – and I use a few – are installed and maintained there. Then I pull them down from there as standard composer packages to my own/client sites.

    I don’t have any security on that repository, but it’s an obscure URL and that’s good enough for me.

    It has proven an effective and easy way to do it.

    Who knew a WordPress site could double as a composer repo!?

    In the default SatisPress approach, a plugin that would normally be referenced in composer as:

    composer install wpackagist-plugin/advanced-custom-fields

    …is instead referenced as:

    composer install satispress/advanced-custom-fields-pro

    The SatisPress plugin lets you change that repo name if you so desire.

    All in all, reliable and great, because it’s one approach for all my premium plugins.

    FINALLY… one other benefit. I can create my own custom plugins for this and that, and also have them automatically available as composer packages, just by installing them on that WP site. Nothing more to do. No need to put them on a public composer repo.

    So I like it 🙂