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  • The only difference between acf_form() with form set to true or false is the inclusion of the ‘<form>’ wrapper tags. Everything else about it works the same and the fields are saved in the same way they would normally be saved.

    Other than some topics you might be able to find on this forum, I don’t think there are any examples of using acf_form() this way.

    Not sure if that helps you or not.

    This is incorrect information.

    I’m searching Google now for information on how it works, and it certainly doesn’t work like this.

    Not only do I have to manually add my own form tags, I will also have to add my own submit button. I have copied the setup for both form tags and submit inputs from the standard rendering of the form, but clicking submit doesn’t save the values and I get a query string in return that’s ridiculously long.

    Documentation is lacking here. Anyway, I’m adding this in case others are searching for this response and are mislead by the answer above.

    Will write more when I figure it out.