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  • The easiest solution to the featured image issue is to change the field name of the ACF field to _thumbnail_id. However, you’ll still need to use the featured image functions in ACF for these fields until you manually update the post. It’s not a great solution.

    The reason it will not work is that the acf field key reference will be missing. Every field in the postmeta table for an acf field has a matching field key reference.

    post_id = post ID of the post the field is for
    meta_name = "_($meta_name)" = the field name with an _ at the beginning. Following my above advice would mean "__thumbnail_id"
    meta_value = The field key of the acf field, example: field_1235676

    There is no easy way to do the second part. ACF will store a term ID. WP stores them as terms.