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  • You used a field group, but did you use a taxonomy field or eventually create a custom taxonomy

    Whilst I experimented with this, I chose ACF Checkbox for all such “company” sub-descriptions, as there are multiple of them. On the one hand, I feared over-use of taxonomies but, on the other, it would have certainly afforded me native taxonomy term page creation like this.


    Method 1) Page:
    Write a template file, apply it to a Page and pass the ACF Checkbox “tag” values to the Page, in a link from wherever I’m linking. I guess I’m going to need to learn how a Page can pick up those parameters and how to interpret them (Eg. ?)

    Method 2) Rewrite rules:
    So the page in this case is “company-type”?

    And then add custom rewrite rules to WP to transform the URL and add the correct query string

    So would this effectively be the same method as Method 1), ie. it needs to utilise URL query string parameters? And then it just uses rewrites to make the user-facing URLs prettier?