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  • A really simple example isn’t really possible because there are a lot of moving parts, I might be able to give a better outline.

    // create an acf/save_post action
    add_action('acf/acf_save_post', 'import_json_for_field_group_XX', 2);
    function import_json_for_field_group_XX($post_id) {
      // first to a check of the post type
      if (get_post_type($post_id)) != 'your-post-type') {
        // not our post type
      // check the radio field to see if it is set to the manual value
      if (get_field('your-radio-field-name', $post_id) == 'manual') {
        // not doing import
      // you may need to set up a field name => key reference array
      // when importing you need to use the field keys
      // either that of the file you are importing from
      // must use the field keys in the JSON
      $fields = array(
        'field-name-1' => 'field_123456',
        'field-name-1' => 'field_234567',
        'field-name-1' => 'field_345678',
        'field-name-1' => 'field_456789'
      // doing an import
      // get the JSON field
      $json = get_field('json-input-field', $post_id);
      // at this point I'm not sure what to do
      // it depends on where the json file is stored
      // you need to use PHP and maybe some WP functions
      // find, open and get the contents of the file
      // and store the content is a variable, I'll use $contents
      $values = json_decode($contents, true);
      // loop thought the fields in $values and update them
      if ($values) {
        foreach ($values as $field => $value) {
          // update the field
          // note that I am using the field key reference array I created above
          // if you are importing with field keys this would not be needed
          if (isset($fields[$field])) {
            update_field($fields[$field], $value, $post_id);
        } // end foreach $value
      } // end if $values
      // finally alter the radio field to manual
      update_field(('your-radio-field-name', 'manual', $post_id);