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  • There is nothing built into ACF that will let you import php code. You need to manually get the field group, convert it to JSON and then save it to a file.

    // create field group in php
    $group = acf_get_field_group('group_key');
    $group['fields'] = acf_get_fields('group_key');
    $json = json_encode($group);
    // save the json to a file
    // there are other ways to do this as well

    When I’m converting a field group to PHP I generally also export a JSON version so that if I need to I can import it to make changes.

    The only reason I use PHP is if I want to make everything available for translation or I am going to do things that the ACF UI is incapable of doing, like building a dynamic field group that changes based on the page that’s being edited. If I am not worried about any of these conditions then I export the group as JSON and I add a load point to make ACF load the JSON files.