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  • This is my code:

    $date_meta = array();
    $date_meta['field_5b21449202e42'] = 'date'; //event_date_type
    $date_meta['field_5b2145b902e43'][0] = array( //event_single_day
            'field_5b21463202e44' => $date, //event_date
            'field_5b2146c83d961' => array( //event_time
                0 => array(
                    'field_5b2147733d964' => $time, //event_start_time
                    'field_5b2147af3d965' => $time, //event_end_time
    update_field( 'field_5b21463202e44', $date_meta, $id ); //event_date
    error_log( print_r( get_field( 'field_5b21463202e44', $id ), true ) );

    error_log shows “false”.

    If I look at the raw fields, “event_date” has the array stored as an array and none of the ACF FIELDs are created.