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  • Just curious to add a couple of things/questions here…

    1. Does the code I have used above match the kind of suggestion you had given the circumstances?

    (To convey a company type, I have weighed up using either 1) a taxonomy, linked to the company term via an ACF field, or 2) just an ACF field itself. My code above uses a taxonomy).

    2. I’m now considering that the “company type” descriptor may actually need to be multiple

    In other words, I may have available multiple source pieces of data with which to describe my companies…

    1. “tags”
    2. “category: sector”
    3. “category: industryGroup”
    4. “category: industry”
    5. “category: subIndustry”
    6. “category: sicCode”
    7. “category: naicsCode”

    I am now considering that, if I choose to use them all, this is clearly too much to fit in to one “company type” as taxonomy.

    So I am now considering going back to baking the company descriptive field/s in to the company term itself as ACF fields, and not using a separate “company type” taxonomy…


    I had initially believed that doing it that way would make the looping slower.

    But, since I am already currently linking that taxonomy to a term using an ACF field anyway, maybe there is no impact to just pulling that data from term meta (ACF fields on “company”) when it’s open (?).


    I will still want to output posts by company type in various ways. I’d value discussing this…

    It seems that using a taxonomy to describe “company type” gives the natural advantage of spinning up template pages (eg. taxonomy-orgtype-agency.php to output posts for all “agency” companies).

    If I move to storing all “company type” fields as ACF fields against “company” terms themselves, how would I go about grouping output of posts per company type?

    To simplify that question – say I have 200 ‘company” terms with a Checkbox “org_tag” value of “agency”. How do you output only those? …

    Because, unlike a taxonomy, I assume there is no relation between entities with the same value? Is there an ACF field that does have this relational database-ability? Leaving aside the Relationship, which seems to want a relationship with a Post.