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  • @elliot I am upset that this hasn’t been handled in over a year. Specially since, I have already done the hard work and even you the exact code you have to change. I am also sad to find that github has not been updated. The version on github is 4.4.2 (

    Object caching is not an adanced feature anymore. WP Engire, site ground and VIP GO all have object caching out of the box. This means you plugin is broken for some of the biggest hosts in the world for the highest traffic-ed sites.

    I know that you business is in pro version, but I would love it if you follow model similar to yoast, where you have the free version of github, taking feedback and patch from the community and keep pro version paid for in another repo.

    I am on twitter and wordpress slack, just search spacedmonkey and you should find me if you wish to discuss the patch.